Monday, August 10, 2020


Iain asked me to write something about last Sunday’s ride.  The problem is that it is only a part of a longer story, which is not yet complete, but the request got me thinking, and so here goes.

Often riders are invited to do an established ride and invariably enjoy it.  But little do they know how much it has taken to put that ride together.  Not that we don’t enjoy the exploring, there is something very special about being the first to lay knobblies along a brand new piece of mother earth.

Planning used to start with 1:50 000 contour maps but nowadays it is Google Earth.  So Iain finds this waterfall not far off (as in 10 km) the Lake Letsie road, which is a continuation of the very little used and definitely 4X4 Ongeluks Nek Pass.  There is no Lesotho Border Post but the SA side must be the neatest and best maintained in the country.  Quite an anomaly!  I digress.  So Iain duly selects an unsuspecting victim in my brother Graham as the only available companion.  Now allow me to again digress.  Google Earth imagery is fantastic technology that a few years ago would have been unbelievable.  But it flattens everything out and what looks like a well- used and rideable footpath is in fact Gold Roof stuff.  Well the two of them got to the waterfall and brought some impressive photos home.  But Graham said he had never worked so hard in his life and he is a man who is not scared of hard work.  So that was phase 1.